How We Receive Members

You can indicate your interest by:

  1. Coming forward during the invitation and talk with our pastor.
  2. Speaking with the pastor as you leave the sanctuary.
  3. Indicating your interest in joining on a guest registration card (someone will contact you.)
  4. Scheduling a time to discuss church membership with the pastor or one of our deacons.  This time can be setup by calling the church office at 615-563-2474 or email the office .
  5. You can speak with a Sunday School teacher or youth leader.  They can direct you to the next step.

  • Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and publicly declaring it as his/her purpose to follow Christ as His disciple, may, by a unanimous vote of the Church, at any church meeting, be received through baptism into the full fellowship of this church.
  • Members of other Baptist churches, of like faith and order, upon presentation of letters of recommendation from those churches indicating good and regular standing may, by unanimous vote of the Church members present, be received at any of its public services into the full fellowship of this church.
  • Any person who has at some time been a member of a Baptist church of like faith and order, but whose membership has lapsed, been lost, or terminated, may, upon statement of the facts, and statement of his faith and love to Christ, be received into the membership of this church by a unanimous vote of the church members present at any of its public services.