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Picture of trip to the Ark Encounter

News from Our College & Young Adult Group.

The College & Young Adult Group left Woodbury, TN on a trip to the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky on Friday, March 6th. After a lengthy charge through Nashville and after dinner in White House, TN, we made our voyage to Lexington where we stayed the night. It was an amazing sight, and the reality of God’s mighty plan for Noah became a reality.

Here is a short paragraph from those who went:

Mikayla Schwartz: “My favorite part about the ark was actually getting to see how big it was and how it was laid out. It made it so much more real and changed the picture I had in my head because my picture didn’t do it justice.”

Jackson Mason: “I thought the ark was incredible and the size was really mind boggling. It was really cool, how they thought out how Noah and his family made life work on the boat.”

Branden Schwartz: “My encounter with the ark was amazing. I never realized what Noah went through to build the ark. Seeing all the different animals that the ark held was truly astonishing.”

Etta Gaines: “The Ark was an amazing experience. I got to visually see what the ark looked like and learn about what Noah had to do. I also got to spend time with our College group and grow closer with them. Such an awesome experience and I would love to go back. I highly recommend going, if you get the chance.”

Emma Davenport: I was amazed at the ark, it was huge. I was amazed at how Noah designed and built the ark. It was evident how organized Noah and his family had to be by the animal enclosures and how they fed the animals. I also did not realize that their were dinosaurs on the ark as well.

Mr. Tony: “After seeing the ark, I feel confident that God not only told Noah how to build it but he also created Noah to do the job. It took a man who cared about what God said and finish such a process in a day when construction, as we know it, was unfathomable.”

Mrs. Melissa: “The Ark Encounter made me realize just how well thought out it was. God planned and provided just as he needed to for the survival of the animals and the people.”

Thank you, First Baptist Church Woodbury, for being supportive of the Seniors, College Students and young adults

In Christ, Mr. Tony

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